Paraphrasing a line from the Stones, please allow us to introduce ourselves...



We are United Visual, a creative studio born from a desire to put the fun back into creative and share that journey with the clients we work for. Combining decades of industry experience, in past lives we’ve all done the working for the agency thing delivering creative solutions for a huge variety of household names like Sky, Doritos, Marks & Spencer, NHS, Pepsi MAX, Lay’s, Playstation, BT, British Gas, 7up, Discovery Channel and Carlsberg to name but a few.

Coming together to forge our own path, we’re a tight knit group of creative types which gives us a resource pool allowing us to adopt a fluid approach to projects, scaling up or down as required with the relevant skillsets to match.



We draw inspiration from everything this wonderful planet has to offer us, we’re movie geeks, fitness enthusiasts, comic book readers, MTB riders, muscle car aficionados, photography nuts, part time scribblers, cupcake creators, outdoorsy types and history lovers. Those passions and interests swirl together in great big melting pot of creativity that stokes the fires of our collective imagination.


We have fun doing what we do, it’s what motivates us to get out of bed in the morning and we bring that energy to whatever brief we’re tasked to answer. But behind the fun and creativity is the serious business and primary driving force of ensuring the brief is answered completely with a solution that is as creative and effective as possible.


Oh, and did we mention we have fun?