• Stereoscopic 360 video filming

  • Spatial audio recording

  • Casting

  • Location scouting and filming

  • Green screen production

  • Post-production




Preparing individuals for corporate negotiations within the safety of the virtual world

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Creating real world training scenarios in the virtual world



A virtual walk through before the structural build begins

Training individuals within the emergency services for real world situations can be a difficult task. As training is often based inside a classroom situation, it is hard to replicate how an event may play out in reality due to the "safe" nature of the environment, with familiar faces role playing differing parts all within a comfortable and familiar environment.


To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the training, one solution is to utilise technology and take the individual away from the comfort of the classroom and immerse them in a realistic 360 degree virtual world that replicates a key scenario they are likely to face.


The first step to making this a reality was to develop a script that struck the balance of authenticity and realism within the experience to make it convincing and to ensure that the user feels the element of tension that they would feel if faced with the same real-world situation.


Working in close collaboration with subject matter experts from the world of policing, the script was written to address the contextually relevant topic of stop and search powers and knife crime. The user would take to role of a patrolling officer accompanied by a junior officer who would need to carry out a stop and search procedure on a couple of possible suspects identified to them via their radio mics.


The experience would be built to evolve in response to the verbal responses given by the individual and could fundamentally affect the way the scenario played out with the suspects either complying peacefully with the stop and search or instead becoming agitated, aggressive and intimidating.


With the script finalised, a suitable location was needed to place the scenario in. Scouting complete, a suitable location was chosen at an inner-city estate that had a small precinct of shops located in the centre of the estate. With the 360 camera placed in the middle of the precinct it added an element of claustrophobia to the scenario with the buildings looming on either side. Footage was shot at the location ensuring that key elements of movement were captured such as cars driving on the roads and people walking past. Capturing these small pieces of movement were important to help heighten the realism and ensure the user didn’t feel they were looking around a still photographic environment.


Location captured, the production moved onto filming the actors who would interact with the user. Utilising a large green screen studio, the actors were precisely filmed delivering each of their interactions with the user with a passive and then agitated demeanour. On set supervision was provided at every stage by the police subject matter expert who guided both the level of agitation from the actors playing the suspects so not to have the behaviour that in the real world would cross into an immediately arrestable offence and thus end the scenario abruptly whilst also providing technical input and guidance on the correct procedure for the stop and search routine that was to be carried out by the actor playing the junior officer.


When the stereoscopic footage of the actors and location were brought together in post-production, the result is an experience that is completely immersive, with the scenario developing in response to the individual's voice, bringing a level of realism that can't be replicated in a classroom.

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