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Planning to exhibit at a leading industry event Pelican, a pioneer of the practical application of Artificial Intelligence technology for banks and corporates wanted to show something different, unique and to build excitement, whilst enticing visitors to their stand by utilizing more innovative ways to convey Pelican’s core brand strengths with an ‘immersive’ and digital experience at the centre of the stand.


Pelican wanted to create a glimpse into the future of payments for businesses and consumers and its impact on the world through immersive and experiential interaction, welcoming visitors to their stand to the ‘Future of Payments’.


The UVSL response was for the concept for the stand to immerse the delegates in the world of AI powered payments as much as is possible with a product and service that isn’t particularly tangible by utilising a mix of stand build and technology that reflect the cutting-edge technology at the heart of Pelican’s offering.


The concept was to surround the attendees in a visually futuristic world symbolising the Future of Payments utilising an open plan space with futuristic shapes combined with cutting edge screen technology to create high visual impact and depart from conventional stand layout in order to differentiate from competitors.


Symbolising Pelican’s three core messages, a three-armed interactive console with large touch screen displays would carry messaging inviting visitors to interact with the screens and draw attention to data crystals embedded within the central hub facing each display. Each crystal is colour coded to represent one of the core Pelican messages. When removed from the central hub and inserted into the control panel of the display, the crystal triggers the display to access and begin delivering the data held within.


Once a crystal is inserted into the display console, the user would be warmly greeted by a virtual host who would guide them through each of Pelican’s core messages. Whilst delivering the core message, the host would interact with their environment within the display, controlling their virtual world with gesture driven cutting edge HUD navigation, calling upon technical detail and infographics to help illustrate the key points of each subject.


Delivering the information in a clear and succinct fashion, once finished with one subject, the virtual host will invite users to try another crystal or seek out more information from the Pelican delegates.


With a cutting edge interactive element capable of delivering information to a number of delegates at any one time combined with the futuristic angles and crisp white colour scheme, the Pelican stand was crafted to clearly stand head and shoulders above the opposition.

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