• Promotional video story concept

  • Video production

  • Green screen filming

  • Prop sourcing and supply

  • Wardrobe sourcing and supply

  • Post production compositing

  • Additional social content

Every year the Gamma team take to the road and travel the country holding conferences at a number of large-scale venues. To help publicise the events and add some of the Gamma personality into the roadshows, they chose a theme for each year and produce content accordingly.


This time around the theme was Gamma at the Movies where they would take iconic films and shape the titles to reflect key industry or terminology and then create a series of tongue in cheek promotional posters in the style of the originals with a cast comprised of the Gamma team themselves.


To increase the reach and impact of the creative, the Gamma team wanted to create content to use across their social platforms. After brainstorming around bringing the posters to life the concept was put forward to instead create a trailer that would compliment the posters and bring further life to the campaign. With the light-hearted approach the Gamma team bring to the promotional material, the trailer concept was an instant hit especially when the team was shown the reference of the end credits of the comedy film 22 Jump Street where the two main characters embark on a number of different film sequels across a huge range of film genres.


With production dates locked, a small-scale green screen shoot was organised to coincide with the capturing of the stills photography. With the movies to replicate chosen, the Gamma team arrived and donned the relevant costumes and props for each movie. Moving from the stills photography to the green screen set up, each of the Gamma cast members was asked to execute a small range of movements that would bring their character to life on screen.


With all cast members captured in their differing roles and costumes, the footage was taken into post-production where they were composited into specifically created scenes with the appropriate titles and credits, all accompanied by an atmospheric score.


The final trailer was then used across Gammas digital channels in the lead up to the events which were held in cinemas around the country and then played on the big screen to open the roadshow.




Bringing together the glamorous worlds of telecoms and big screen musicals



Taking the auditions to the biggest of big screens



Talking about the future at a location with a rich past