• Stereoscopic 360 video filming

  • Spatial audio recording

  • Casting

  • Location scouting and filming

  • Green screen production

  • Post-production


For the second scenario it was all about the numbers. This time the user would be presenting to a hundred seat auditorium to be filled with an enthusiastic and engaged crowd.

Once again, the normal approach would be to fill the auditorium with extras, film the action and wrap. But with COVID and the precautions needed around social distancing as well as location specific requirements regarding numbers in a space at any one time, a different approach was needed. We would need to film the audience one person at a time.

The scene was to play out with an emcee introducing the user to the crowd before taking a seat in the audience. The emcee was filmed in the empty auditorium using the 360 rig and once more with a tablet. The purpose of this was to help direct each of the audience members as to where they needed to look during the scene.

Because of the COVID related restrictions it was not possible to use a huge number of different extras to fill the 100 seats. Social distancing was one factor but also restrictions around numbers in a room or waiting around at the filming location heavily influenced the approach.

After some careful planning it was decided to use a set number of extras and duplicate them firstly in camera and then in post to fill the space. 6 extras were employed and filmed individually in a number of different seats around the auditorium. They were filmed against a small green screen to facilitate the compositing during post production. Each extra was asked to change their clothing and appearance four times to help counter obvious repetition of audience members, and by rotating through the seating plan, slowly but surely the seats began to get crossed off.

As with the Entrepreneur pitch scenario, each of the extras was directed off camera using the captured footage on the tablet. Each extra was directed through the sequence; when and where to look at the emcee and when to react by clapping to herald the start of the user’s presentation, when to adopt their idle pose that would loop whilst the user was speaking and finally when to snap from their idle into once again clapping, this time to herald the end of the presentation.

With each of the extras changing their appearance and sitting in different seats throughout the auditorium a wealth of footage was captured of the different individuals, each with their own unique look and each with their own unique behavior during their idle.


Taking the footage into post-production, all the separate elements of emcee and individual audience members were brought together.

The extras were keyed out from the green screen and inserted one by one into the auditorium, a process that was painstaking given the actors were asked not to sit still, making the task of masking each individual performance challenging.


With all variations of the extras inserted into the auditorium, a final grading pass was applied ensuring that the extras were well bedded into the environment with no obvious issues with lighting as well as an additional colour pass to bring an overall increase in the vibrancy of the environment to help it feel a little more welcoming to the user of the experience.


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