• Stereoscopic 360 video filming

  • Spatial audio recording

  • Casting

  • Location scouting and filming

  • Green screen production

  • Post-production


The third scenario was similar to the auditorium but on a smaller scale with a classroom that needed to be populated full of students listening to a presentation. Following a similar narrative, a teacher would ask for the attention of the class and then introduce the user and invite them to begin their presentation with the audience of students looking engaged throughout and clapping to signify the end of the experience when the user stops talking.

Utilizing the technique employed in the auditorium, the teacher was filmed first with the performance recorded on the tablet as well as the 360 rig. The tablet was then used to direct the extras who would be filmed individually in the empty classroom. Another 6 extras were employed with the same brief to change their appearance 4 times.

By rotating through one appearance type at a time, each of the extras was filmed against a small green screen in a different seat with different idle behaviour traits dependent on their character type. They were also directed via the tablet as to where to look and when, when to assume their idle position and when to resume the performance and clap for the conclusion of the experience.

A seating plan was drawn up and populated as each extra and appearance type was filmed creating a master blueprint for the compositing work to be carried out in post-production.

Taking the footage into post-production, all the separate elements of the teacher and individual students was brought together with the same level of painstaking attention to the masking process as with the auditorium before the final grading passes were applied to complete the scenario.


Given the many restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic, the filming proved to be both logistically and technically demanding. Challenged with ensuring the safety of cast and crew whilst also minimizing any risk of cancellation to the shoot at a time where securing insurance against the job was impossible because of COVID, a vast amount of effort up front ensured the filming could go ahead in the safest manner possible.

Locations were secured that were open over the weekend for the exclusive use of the production and cast and crew members were placed in accommodation before the shoot. Measures were put in place at each filming location to provide all necessary measures against COVID with strict health check protocols implemented involving temperature checks for each member of cast and crew in the weeks preceding the shoot and on the filming days themselves.


Multiple hand sanitization stations were provided within each location, large green rooms allowed cast and extras to relax safely whilst complying with social distancing guidelines, on set distances were maintained between all actors and crew and anti-bacterial fogging was carried out before and after each use of the filming spaces.

With all the prior planning and strict measures put in place at each of the filming locations, the filming was carried out in a safe and secure manner, and despite the challenging circumstances a solution was found to bring people together and create crowds at a time when it would be impossible to do it for real.


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